Professional Development

Pakistan International School Al Khboar is introducing worldly recognized institutions through its online professional development platform for faculty, students and staff. The number of teachers/students/staff who participate in online professional development is rising at a faster rate than any other time in history. Today, prospective teachers can take full online degrees for certification, whether it is to obtain a bachelor’s degree or a graduate degree. Practicing educators can take online professional development for various reasons. For example, they can add new certifications to their teaching certificates, move up the pay scale, or simply learn something new to take into their classrooms.

The Top Five Benefits of Online Professional Development

Technology Opens up New Learning Doors

One of the most obvious benefits of online professional development is the opportunity teachers get to learn outside of their school. As our world continues to become closer, teachers have the chance to learn, connect and work with other educators at a global scale. If teachers want to acquire new content, teaching strategies, or connect with other educators, they can do so through online courses. Also, they can leverage technology to grow their professional learning networks domestically and internationally.


For working adults, physical classroom attendance requirements can cause scheduling conflicts and challenges. To keep up with professional development needs, requiring teachers to come to a physical location or stay at school late at night can cause significant challenges. In an online class, teachers can work at their own pace, as well as access classes any time of the day from any working technical location. Online learning provides an open schedule, great flexibility and can substantially decrease stress for teachers and their students.

Engaging and Unique Offerings

Online professional development provides educators with a chance to learn about areas that peak their passion and hold their interests. Also, teachers can discover unique and engaging learning opportunities online because there are countless amounts of courses offered. Today, they can choose to learn from a multitude of content areas. Online learning also provides teachers with the ability to discover innovative methods, find unique resources, and collaborate on strategy.


Anytime teachers are required to attend a physical location for professional development, the cost can be significant for both teachers and school. Online courses are typically more free/affordable than in-person classes. Technology reduces the cost of delivering professional development in various ways.

Teachers as Learners

“Some educators erroneously believe that blended learning is merely traditional, face-to-face learning that incorporates digital resources. Similarly, many educators mistakenly assume that online learning should mirror classroom learning. These misconceptions do not allow teachers to leverage the benefits of technology for more effective, engaged learning. Since teachers will continue to be expected to develop technology-based approaches for instructional delivery and assessment, the prevalence of these misconceptions makes it essential to offer professional development for teachers to learn how to teach in virtual environments.”