Studies show that children with parents who take an active role in their education do better both academically and socially than their peers.
This is one of the many reasons why parental involvement can be a great thing for many schools. But the real question is not, “Should parents be involved?”; It’s, “How should parents be involved?”
One of the best ways to get parents to engage with education is through surveys that capture their feedback.
This feedback not only helps parents contribute positively to their children’s learning experience, but it also can be an indicator of a school’s overall success. By sharing their opinions, parents provide useful insights that may otherwise go unnoticed.
Keeping allthe above facts in mind, Board of Directors, decided to get all the parents involved in the school improvement plan and conducted an online “ Parents Satisfaction Survey”. This online schooling, dynamic &interactive school website, school official facebook profile ( PISK Saudi Arabia), PISK Alumni Society and school LinkedIn profile(PISK AL KHOBAR)are the outcomes of the recent survey. Through all these channels, PISK aims to bridge the gap of communication between school and parents.